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First Blog Post

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

This is my first blog post, anywhere , ever. I am a little nervous about what to say. I have never been good at putting things on paper. This blog will probably be more pictures than words.

Here I will be writing about my everyday activities. I thought I would start off by telling you about some of my everyday duties here on the farm.

The first thing I do in

the morning is bottle feed a baby goat that was not getting enough milk from his mom and was very weak. He gets fed 5 times a day. Then I feed my 100+ chickens and my miniature pony. We have lots of other goats, horses, cows, rabbits, pheasants, dogs, cats, oh my what don't we have, oh yeah, no pigs. We stay busy with these but I really enjoy my animals.

After all this, I use my spare time to crochet.

Keep coming back for more pictures of my animals and crochet projects in the works.

Here is a picture of the baby goat I am feeding now.

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I belong to a woodcarving group at Fiddlers Grove. We usually set up for the fair and also at Granville and at the Wilson County thing. I am not sure if I will be at any of these this year because I have cataracts and it is hard to see. I may be at the fair if my husband will take me.


Rita, here are some of my carvings. The leprechaun still needs polyurethane. I just completed a Uncle Sam for July 4th and another Santa but I haven't taken a picture of them yet.

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I really like those. You should do well with those. You should set up at the Oktoberfest in Lebanon at Wilson Bank and Trust in October. That has always been a good craft event.


I love your website. I am looking forward to seeing more. I live in Smith County. Tennessee and I retired in 2012. My goal has been for several years to retire and do arts and crafts without having to work. I am learning to crochet things and just completing a big afghan to put on my sofa and I plan to crochet a pair of slippers. I also took up the art of woodcarving and have made several caricature carvings. Where do you get your yarn for crocheting? I have been getting mine from Walmart, but if I want a better variety, I have to go to Mt Juliet.

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That is where I get my yarn also, I just wait for a good sale and stock up. I would love to see some of your woodcarving projects. That sounds interesting. I am going to set up at the Smith County Fair. Maybe I will see you there and have a chat.

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